Simplicity™ Makes Milk Supply Simple

This innovative hands-free pumping bra kit gives moms the ability to completely empty their breast using the Hands on Pumping technique. This has been shown in clinical studies at Stanford University to boost milk supply of new preemie moms by as much as 40%. Simplicity™ hands-free bra kit can hold your breast pump shields while you massage your breasts to empty them more fully. The secret is that breast pumps, even the expensive ones, do not completely empty your breasts. When you empty your breasts completely this signals your body to make more milk. You must manually massage areas of the breast to completely empty your breasts. Complete instructions on Hands on Pumping using Simplicity™, in 28 languages, can be found on our support page.

Use Simplicity™ plus Hands on Pumping and boost your milk supply naturally!!

Making a Difference 

Using the Simplicity™ hands-free pumping bra frees up a new moms hands while she is pumping to read, play with her baby, talk on the phone or simply relax, a valuable gift of time for new mothers. The patent pending design is adjustable in size and will sustain a perfect fit over time as a nursing mother’s size changes. So compact, the Simplicity™ pumping bra can fit in your purse, pocket and will be there when you need it. Many moms buy two hands-free bra’s, one for work and one for home for it is so affordable. Plus the added bonus of using the Hands on Pumping, during or after pumping, increase your milk supply up to 40%. Using Simplicity™ makes a difference! The best hands-free pumping bra.