[Produc_title] - hands free pumping bra
[Produc_title] - hands free pumping bra
[Produc_title] - hands free pumping bra
[Produc_title] - hands free pumping bra
[Produc_title] - hands free pumping bra
[Produc_title] - hands free pumping bra
[Produc_title] - hands free pumping bra
[Produc_title] - hands free pumping bra

Leaf™ Lactation Massage System with Hands Free Pumping Bra

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The Leaf™ Lactation Massage System is a revolutionary new tool for every breastfeeding and pumping mom.

By using LactaMed's Leaf™ Lactation Massager, most mom's experience a better breastfeeding journey.

  • More Milk in Less Time
  • Increases Milk Supply
  • Relieves Clogged Ducts & Helps to Prevent Mastitis: Plugged or clogged ducts are a difficult issue but the Leaf™ System can help! Using the Leaf™ Massager on a daily basis can help keep the milk flowing, reducing your chances of getting clogs and helping you avoid mastitis
  • Empty the Breast More Effectively
  • Faster Letdown
  • Relieve Tenderness
  • Improve and Prevent Stretch Marks
  • Solve Many Latch Issues
  • INCREASED MILK SUPPLY: gentle pressure and vibration helps to express breast milk and restore your flow. This milk expressing tool will help make emptying breasts easier, while also assisting in reduced supply, undersupply, and oversupply issues.
  • HELPS WITH BREASTFEEDING AILMENTS: Use the lactation massager to aid in relieving pain caused by engorgement, plugged ducts, and breast redness, tenderness, and other nursing ailments. Add the massager into your breastfeeding care plan as a preventative tool for many breastfeeding or pumping symptoms and pains.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN SHAPED FOR YOUR BREAST: The "Leaf" shape, with it’s specifically designed elements, and multiple vibration speeds makes a simple and effective lactation aide that’s easy for all mothers to use, whether they are exclusively breastfeeding or pumping.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN HAND PUMP: Shown to be more effective than hand pumping, power pumping, hand massage while pumping, and other techniques for increasing your milk flow and achieving better outcomes.
  • SAFE, WATERPROOF, AND RECHARGEABLE: Designed with soft medical grade silicone, the Leaf™ lactation massager is BPA free and waterproof, making it perfect for use in a warm shower. Better yet, it’s rechargeable with no batteries needed. A travel pouch is included for easy transportation.

*Studies available on request

Most breast pumps are very inefficient and they do not completely empty the breast. Using the Leaf™ System (Leaf™ Massager plus Simplicity Hands Free Pumping Bra) enables "Hands on Pumping" that boosts milk supply!

IMF Vibration Technique

Use the Inframammary Fold Vibration Technique while pumping for even better results! Place the leaf in the fold between the breast and the chest wall.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience that many new mothers look forward to. Unfortunately, for some moms, breastfeeding and pumping comes with challenges that can take away from their positive experience. These issues can be painful, stressful, and lead many moms to stop her breastfeeding journey earlier than planned.

Leaf™ Lactation Massager supports breastfeeding and pumping moms by offering them a revolutionary new breastfeeding aide! Get the confidence, resources, and tools you need to focus on what matters most - bonding with your new baby!

The Leaf™ Lactation Massager is waterproof and rechargeable, so it’s ready to use when and where moms need it. Plus, it’s easy to take on the road with its charger, and carrying case. 

When To Use:

Carefully designed to be there for moms during every step of their breastfeeding journey, our Lear™ Lactation Massager can be used:

  • When mother’s milk first comes in to provide pain and discomfort relief
  • Before breastfeeding to encourage let-down, soften the breast for better latching, and more effectively empty the breast
  • In your nursing and pumping bra before and during pumping to stimulate the breast and improve flow
  • As needed to relieve pain and discomfort associated with mastitis, plugged ducts, and engorgement
  • To replace tedious and tiring hand massage of the breast