EverBeautyBra™ ALL IN ONE | Hands-Free Pumping, Nursing, Maternity Bra - breast pump bra

EverBeautyBra™ ALL IN ONE | Hands-Free Pumping, Nursing, Maternity Bra


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EverBeautyBra™ Ultimate hands free pumping bra for every working breastfeeding mother!

A comfortable Day bra for work allows for nursing at home + a hands free pumping bra all in one. Our very comfortable EverBeautyBra™ features a wireless design that holds you firmly and has smooth, comfortable lines. Material: 95% cotton and 5% spandex to fit you as you move.

This innovative bra gives moms the valuable gift of time…Instead of holding breast shields for hours at a time this new innovation frees up their hands for other tasks or allowing them to simply relax while using their breast pump. Using the pumping + massage technique, featured in our handout, helps most mothers extract more milk in less time.

The pump shields are held by our patent pending CrissCross™ system that is easy and quick to use. Our system provides a firm connection to the breast shield holding it in place and providing tension toward the breast, assisting in milk removal.

Designed for working moms. Its form fitting and flattering. It has a smooth padded front with a removable insert. It looks great and no one will know your are nursing. The bra easily converts to a hands free pumping bra! Fits all breast shields. Pump while doing other tasks, phone computer etc. in this day bra.

Hands free pumping at your fingertips.

  • CrissCross™ Holding system best in class!
  • Fits ALL BRANDS Breast shields
  • Foam inserts to give the smoothest outlines
  • Bra extender for changing band sizes
  • Flattering and form fitting
  • Guaranteed to Fit

    M= 32 B/C/D
    L= 34 B/C/D
    XL= 36 B/C/D
    XXL=38 C/D/DD

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