What happens to Elsa?: A Heartwarming Update from our Guest Blogger Nickie Wheeler

Hey it’s me Nickie! I guess today is a bittersweet day as my little munchkin has turned 11 months old. I don’t know if I should cry or jump for joy at this milestone. Every day I look at him in awe as I have watched him overcome hurdles and grow for a tiny 2.7 ounces to a whopping 18 lbs. I want to take credit for his growth because on his journey I have pumped exclusively for 335 days and counting. This task my friends is a major accomplishment for me so I want to brag on myself for getting this far.

EverBeautyBra™ ALL IN ONE | All Day Bra - Prenatal Bra - Nursing Bra - Hands Free Pumping BraHaving a child has given me discipline that I never even knew that I had. I know that everyone has their own journey and vices that keep them from breastfeeding or pumping. I am truly a believer in the powers of the “liquid gold” my “liquid gold.” I have to let you guys in on a little secret…. I have no clue what I will do with myself when I am not attached to my milking machine! I have started cutting the cord and weaning down little by little. Just as I was about to begin my move from pumping I was blessed with an awesome maternity bra. I would encourage everyone to order one from LactaMed™. It made me feel like I had boobs again. Comfy, lots of support, and it also allowed me to be hands free while I pumped. They have a few options to check out but my favorite is the “Working Mom’s Day Bra.” It was like the Mercedes bra to my “Mercy Dees (these) bras are killing me and my mommy swag.

My first step to kicking my pumping habit was turning in my hospital grade pump that I rented. Let me tell you, it is an investment that I strongly encourage if you can afford it, to have it on deck with you at home. I kind of wanted to shed a tear knowing that this was the first step to end the milk (I think it helped that I got a deposit back).

The next step to my drawdown, leave the pump at home. For the past few weeks have detached from the pump. I can actually come to work and not look like I am preparing for a week stay at my desk. I like my job, but not that much to camp out. But there is a downside to my newfound freedoms. I have moments of panic when I look into my milk freezer and I can see the bottom to what was once jam packed with the good stuff. Will I make it to the magic number of 365??? How will my little man tolerate his next step? Goodness so many changes next daycare, whole milk, walking, talking, and the newfound independence of this once tiny little miracle.

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