Two Studies Confirm Massage Increases Fat Percentage in Pumped Milk

Two studies confirm massage increases fat percentage in pumped milk. 

One recent and one fairly older study both point to a simple and cost free way to increase the percentage of fat in expressed or pumped human milk. One study done by Dr. Morton states:

We Propose a simple, no cost, risk free intervention, combining electric pumping with two manual techniques has a beneficial influence on milk production as well as composition by removing fat-rich hind milk more effectively than pump suction alone” (Dr. Jane Morton et. al. J Perinatology 2012 32 791-96)

“Breast Compression may increase intramammary and intraductile pressure thereby improving the removal of more viscous, fat rich milk” (Dr. Jane Morton et. al. J Perinatology 2012 32 791-96)

“…the pressure is the important factor in the production of a high percentage of fat. The greater the pressure apparently the steeper will be the rise in Fat percentage. Suction employed alone, on the other hand, tends to lower the percentage of fat” (Widdows Biochem J. 1933;27(5):1400-10)

Many mothers are not aware that simple massage can not only help remove more fat-rich hind milk but it will also enable them to express more milk as breast pumps alone do not completely empty the breast.

Combing manual expression, massage and pumping is beneficial both to the composition of breastmilk as well as the volume of milk expressed.

Widdow Study Click here for study

Morton Study Click here for abstract


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