When your baby is not positioned properly, your breasts may not be stimulated to adequately produce milk and your baby might not be getting enough milk. This can lead to problems down the road.

Here are a few breastfeeding positions to avoid:

  • Mom hunched over baby. Many latch problems occur when Mom is hunched over the baby, trying to shove breast into mouth. Alternatively, keep your back straight and bring your baby up to your breast.
  • Baby's body and head face different directions. Do not allow baby’s head to be facing your breast while his or her body faces a different direction. (Picture swallowing with your head turned to the side. Not easy, right?)
  • Baby's body is not close enough the breast.  When baby's head is too far away from the breast he or she will pull on your nipple while feeding — ouch for you and potentially unsatisfying for baby!

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