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SloFlow Weaning Breastpump

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 Some mothers decide not to breastfeed. Some mother’s children are stillborn, suffer a miscarriage or neoanatal death.or die shortly birth. Other mothers decide to stop milk production for a variety of reasons.  We have designed this product and these instructions to assist you in ceasing milk production with your maximum comfort in mind. This process will take generally 1-3 weeks.

Milk production can be stopped sooner but this may result in pain and potential medical problems. Some websites and medical information suggest abrupt weaning with not removing milk from breast, which results in a faster but much more painful process. We suggest that if you desire abrupt weaning to do so under your healthcare providers direction. Generally, a pump like sloflow works best.

Most breastpumps are designed to maintain or increase milk production. This type of pump should not be used by mothers that have decided to wean.

You will notice that most information for breastfeeding mothers correctly give information that the weaning process should be a gradual one to prevent pain, discomfort, and potential medical issues.

Although you are not breastfeeding, your body does not know this and will continue its natural course. If milk is not removed from the breast it becomes engorged or filled with milk. This eventually results in discomfort and pain. Sloflow is the solution to this problem.

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