LactaMom Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Tank - breast pump bra

LactaMom Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Tank


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LactaMed's LactaMom Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Tank is the perfect foundation to support you in pregnancy and then transition to a nursing tank with a built-in hands free pumping bra. LactaMed's Pumping & Nursing bras and tanks work with all breast pumps.
  • Save Time with simple hands-free pumping, no need to change clothes or put on extra pieces
  • Comfortable & Supportive to wear all day, under work clothes, blouses or out and about
  • One product for all your needs – maternity through pumping and breastfeeding

- You don't have to change your clothes or put on a separate pumping bra to pump hands-free

-No zippers or Velcro or to show through your shirt - no one should know you're wearing a pumping or nursing tank
-Soft and comfortable, layer for work and wear for playing with your baby, you will want to sleep in it! 
-Fabric that beautifully shapes and supports you for all day wear

- NO need to change or put on another shirt or cover saving you precious time
- Pull down cups (as shown in picture) to nurse skin-to-skin with your baby
- You can easily massage and/or nurse AND pump at the same time to increase milk supply*



Actual size may differ based on stage of post pregnancy, pre pregnancy size and personal preference. 

Small 32 A/B/C

Medium 34 A/B/C

Large 36 B/C/D